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Selection and Limitations of Column Pipes India

column pipes India

Each pipe fittings has its own benefits and restrictions where it can be used without damage. So you have to be extra careful when selecting some pipe or fitting for your project application. For example, use of spigot fittings is limited to drainage purpose only. Further pipe fittings that are made up of iron materials are not allowed to use with flammable fluids otherwise it may be hazardous. They are restricted to use temperature above 300 degree Feranhit.

In this blog, we will majority discuss on limitation or restrictions of column pipes India that you must know about -

  • Welding fittings are given more preference than flanged fittings due to their afford-ability and chances of damage have also been reduced largely.

  • Column pipes can be freely used at the places where chances of corrosion are really high. They are corrosion resistant and do not react with chemicals quickly.

  • They are strongly abrasion resistant so their overall shelf life is higher and they are especially designed to accommodate heavy pressure or temperature. You just have to make sure that pipes are purchased from reputed suppliers only.

  • These pipes are easily able to handle denser flow and does not breakdown even in extreme conditions. Further, transfer of flow is easy with column pipes India.

  • Take an example of location where corrosion rate is pretty much higher, welding fittings always work better than regular ones. In most of the cases, internal corrosion is big problem than outer corrosion so it should be treated frequently for the same.

Regular inspection and maintenance of column pipes is necessary for assured results. You should replace damage pipes quickly if any other it may disturb the whole connectivity. The only condition that you should follow is pipes or fittings should be purchased from trusted manufacturers or suppliers in the industry.

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